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Our glorified foyer, aka "hallway" which is a luxury to me coming from a studio apartment quickly turned into a shoe dumping ground! We kept tripping over all the shoes and it was such a visual disaster! We needed a clever and simultaneously stylish solution for a small NYC apartment. 

We started by purchasing three storage organizers from Home Depot! Our team at the NC factory made a custom table skirt that fit perfectly over these three storage organizers. Each cubby can hold 1-2 pairs of shoes!

And to really transform our hallway into a welcoming and functional foyer vs a pass- through we added a charming little shell box to hold our keys and bike passes, a mirrored tray to organize a favorite brass animal "Queen Elizabeth," and a beautiful calendar by Inslee. Bringing the outdoors in is always a must in our home and I scooped up the Myrtle Topiary from the NYC Flower district. The blue and white vintage planter is vintage Royal Homes of Britain Enoch Wedgwood! Blue and white forever!

A handpicked scent makes a home complete so I made sure to include of our signature candles that fills up the space with the most delicious fragrance even when it's not lit!

We're enjoying our practical and pretty storage tableskirt so much that we've made it available on our site here! Choose from a variety of fabrics for a look all your own!
Don't forget to shop our full #GramercyCourt apartment here


Meet Gen Sohr, founder of Pencil & Paper Co. and one of our design favorites! Pencil & Paper Co. is a boutique creative agency that is equipped to tackle a broad range of creative challenges from designing your dream home to strategizing a complete commercial development. P&P helps to launch brands, guide home renovations, and loves diving into anything that needs their design wisdom!
Gen has collaborated with Reese Witherspoon's Draper James, was named Southern Living's 2016 Kitchen of the Year and has been highlighted as an Interior Designer to follow on IG in Vogue Magazine. We love how Gen's style blends thrift store finds with a modern point of view! With this fabulous design eye, we couldn't wait to see how Gen styled her Avery Raffia Console. And of course she delivered with not one, but two fabulous vignettes! Scroll through the images below to see how Gen made our Avery Raffia Console her own (hint: it's proportions make it a perfect fit as a bar, desk, vanity, nightstand or entryway!) and don't forget to visit Pencil & Paper, a treat for design lovers of all varieties!


Vignette 1:

We obviously love the mini bar situation and Gen's collected Nashville living room is an all time fave!

Vignette 2: We love how Gen styled the Avery to double as a nightstand situation as well as a vanity or desk! 

Thank you Gen for making us a part of your gorgeous home! To shop our new raffia pieces, designed by Roxy and made by our family factories, click here!

Our Stevie Swivels have landed in NYC and have cozied up in Inslee's gorgeous West Village apartment!

These blush velvet swivels are the perfect pop for spring and pair beautifully with Inslee's whimsical watercolors alive with movement and color! 

And of course, Miss Ophelia claimed the Stevie Swivel as her throne!

We love the collected feel of Inslee's space -- from the antique Chinese table to her selection of original art and her own beautiful works that are now available in large scale prints on her site here! Not to mention, we love how Inslee has styled her SS! We spy a Sedgewick Bar Cart in the corner!

Photography by Elizabeth Shrier
Shop Inslee's SS below!

The Sedgwick Bar Cart 

Celine Nailhead Accent Table

Shop Inslee's Grande Art Prints below!

August Figure Study Print

December Figure Study Print

September Figure Study Print

June Figure Study Print


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