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Summer Sangria Q&A with Chandon

Nothing says summer like sangria! In a recent interview with Chandon I was asked to share some tips on how to host a summer party. Here are some of my favorites! 
What does the quintessential American Summer mean to you?

Effortless entertaining, breezy bright style, and long sunny days filled with friends and family!

What's the most important thing to consider when styling the perfect bar cart?

Yourself! Don’t feel pressured to stock every last fancy schmancy liqueur or bitter. All you need are your favorites, a few quality spirits to make the classics, a good set of cocktail tools, and some interesting glassware! You'll always be ready to party!

What are some things to keep in mind when it comes to serving/ presenting food and drinks?

I find casual entertaining to be the most fun which means finger foods for all! Nobody wants to sit down to a formal multi-course meal on easy breezy summer nights. Serve small hearty bites that are filling and easy to serve and put that bubbly on ice or better yet, style out a do it yourself Summer Sangria bar cart. You won't be stuck playing bartender and your guests can help themselves, as often as they like!

What advice do you have for first-time entertainers who want to host their own Summer Soiree (related to people/friends/catching up)?

The power is in the prep! Your duty as the hostess is not only to provide the refreshments but also the energy! If you're running around frantically taking care of last minute tasks, your guests will most likely feel uneasy. If you're mixing, mingling, and having a ball, your party will too!

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