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Host the Perfect Summer Picnic with these 4 Tips

1. Transform the traditional

Our salad is on point! The 'chef salad on a stick' is an effortless staple to any picnic. Roll up some cold cuts and cheese, add your favorite veggies, and arrange them onto a long skewer for a quick bite that is perfect for a hot summer’s day sans fork!


2. Cut the cutlery

Add bite-sized foods from sandwiches to desserts to your picnic basket;  finger foods are easy to serve and fun for everyone! 

3. Make snacking more accessible

Who knew that you can even make a bag of chips look pretty? For easy access snackage, fold the chip bag half-way into the remaining bag to make a functional container. 

4. It's your picnic- you're in charge!   

Pack some chargers along with some stylish plates to make the setting look intentional. I love the look of natural braided charger against gorgeous picnic blues! 

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