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New Year, New Apartment!

Alan Dale and I are starting the new year in a new apartment y'all!!! This is the day (via Snapchat) that we put in the application. I was crossing every toe and finger and just before Christmas we found out we got it! 
After a whole year of searching high and low, our fair share of discouragements, insanely laid out and teensy city apartments, we finally found the perfect one.
We've lived in 375 square feet for four years while I invested most everything back into Society Social and the Soho showroom and I can't explain the sheer joy we feel about finally having a place that will feel like a true home! He is the most supportive :)If you live in New York, you'll understand my excitement about ample closet space. We have a coat closet, a linen closet, and two more closets that are large enough for me to crawl into, which I did, and then proceeded to cry tears of happy.
After the most wonderful 2 week break with our families in North Carolina, we're on our way back to the city tomorrow morning and will be moving this whole next week! I can't wait to share the before pics because obviously I will be decorating the shit out of it ;) I'll be posting more sneak peeks on the Snapchat: societysocial, if you would like to follow along!
Happy New Year, friends! Wishing you the best year yet!