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Before & After: The Spring Street Makeover

In honor of re-entry day aka the first Monday back after the holidays (weeeee!) I thought it would be fun to share some before & afters of how we made over the showroom pre-holiday. 
We basically ripped everything out in November in prep for our annual holiday pop-up, #73SpringShop, and I had the challenge of re-laying out the space to accommodate for 5 businesses and a slew of new SS designs. The space had to operate as a showroom, a shop, and an office!
This is how we worked for a few weeks as I taped and re-taped off the floor. Layouts aren't my forte so I always tape off a space with painter's tape so I can play around before committing to the final pieces and to their configuration. Look, I'm having so much fun! Which really means there was a lot of self doubt and second guessing involved. YAY. 
Ta-da! Somehow it worked out! All the colorful fabrics and finishes I had to edit down and the Society Social pieces I designed and chose for them (read: anxiety) played so well together. Yes? No? 
This is the wall I had built to simulataneously form a makeshift entryway and storage area directly behind it. It's been so fun to partner with Inslee in re-creating our "foyer" for each season. We've made it over 3 times so far and this time she hand-painted the wall in stunning De Gournay-esque style. Here's an in progress shot! 
The illustrious and talented Inslee! Master painter, illustrator and Spring Street studio mate! Please note rambunctious showroom puppies and heaping mess in far left. And the after entryway shot! Inslee layered on the color and to complete the Chinoiserie look, I layered on our Palm Beach Chinoiserie mirror in fiery red along with our Celine table, faux bamboo x-stools, foo dog lamps, and mini pagoda lanterns. You can view the past two looks we created here and here
On delivery day, the furniture arrived 2 hours early which means I had zero help to unload and unpack 12 huge boxes. Poor Oscie was confined to the "bar cart babysitter" while I ran up and down the stairs! Our space is one big rectangle so it was important to create zones to improve the flow and to make it feel warm and inviting. Overall I divided the space into 4 zones: 1) the "foyer", 2) the front seating area centered around a mantle, 3) the back seating area cued off with a winning combination of custom table skirt, sputnik light fixture, and topiary, and 4) our office/working space which is hidden behind ceiling hung curtains. Speaking of those curtains, it took poor Alan Dale several hours out of 3 days to install the track system for hanging them.
Let's just say he's particular and the most wonderful sport for giving me his weekend and Thanksgiving vacation! 
There is a huge mess and 4 people behind those crisp white linens. I know, genius ;)
Because I wanted the space to also feel like a living room, where SS upholstery shines, I ordered a mantel off of Who knew! You can see it behind the club chairs. Yes, it's those random pieces of wood that one could confuse for kindling.  Thankfully Alan took care of all assembly and mounting it to the wall! I followed up with a few coats of paint, and it all took way longer than expected.
In the end, I'm so happy I decided to add this extra touch, because the mantel created a cozy focal point for my new club chairs, our Christmas decor, and Inslee's painting!
The new Monroe sofa faces the mantel to create an inviting seating area complete with tables, stools, and lamps! Here's the before...
...and the fully styled after. A playful combination of pillows pair perfectly with Inslee's flirty peacock! 
The second seating area also had to accommodate for retail shelves. I wanted it to feel like a library so we bought bookshelves from the "I" word. 
The gifts were so pretty I don't think anyone noticed! 
Our pretend "study" includes the new Ava loveseat, the Lafayette Swivel Rocker, and the Sedgwick bar cart. I caddy-cornered the pieces so the room wouldn't feel boxy and enclosed. 
And because we're so trendy and because no space is complete without one, we dropped in a fiddle leaf fig for good measure. Alan Dale will say this was his idea :)
Come visit soon!