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10 Months & 3 Must Have (love!) Fall Fashion Finds

Austen turned 10 months yesterday! Alan Dale is on a boys trip with some of our best college friends so we had our FIRST EVER (!!!!) mommy daughter weekend. It was the happiest of times in the most beautiful early fall weather.I am so grateful to be her mama. We went to story time complete with real life Eeyore, went shopping, had a picnic in the park, skipped music class and instead listened and danced to all the musicians in Washington Square park, took snuggly naps together......and of course shared all our meals. If you would like, there is a play by play on Insta-stories @societysocial. Or if that is too much, I GET IT. Sometimes oversharing is SO ANNOYING. Like, I know my life isn't the coolest but I do really enjoy it :)So far she has eaten: feta, babaghanoush, brisket, salmon, cod, beets, cannellini beans, all the avocado, shawarma, tofu, tuna, chickpea mac 'n' cheese, chia seeds, purple name it.

In regards to "stone cold Austen" as seen in these pics, I swear she is the smiliest baby ever but her name is also Austen "like Jane not Texas" so she does what she wants. I guess I asked for it naming her after an independent woman way before her time. Ha!

I also wanted to share 3 of my favorite fall fashion finds as I adore them and they seem to be selling out fast. When I posted the top above on my insta-stories @societysocial, it got a few thousand (???) clicks. Anyways, from one mama to a sista to another...

  1. this top above
  2. this one I wore on date night -- the lace made me feel so sassy ;)
  3. and these pink, yes pink Chevron pants! 
  4. Bonus round, the jeans above are perfect if you're 5'4" and under! High Rise and cropped so you don't have to get them tailored and the knee doesn't hit all funny-- you know what I mean, shawtys! Yes, I spelled it like that. The classic denim wash is sold out but I also have them in the black with ripped knees. LOVE!