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From 700 Square Feet to Showroom!

What do you do when you're given an empty (almost) square booth with concrete floors? I'm going to let the pictures do most of the talking for this one! But let me just say, it was our first time ever at High Point Market and I'm so proud of how the team pulled this one together from the months of planning to the set up to the show! 

Scroll to see how we designed our 700 square foot booth!

This is what we were given.I had 3 walls built, 7' x 10" each left to right, to cut the booth in half. This allowed us to create distinct vignettes and "moments!"While our walls were being built we went back to the factory to space plan. We taped off our showroom with painter's tape, not sure if this is how "the professionals" do it (ha!), and then we taped off each piece of furniture in numerous different layouts to get the best fit and presentation. IT WAS A PROCESS!The week of market finally came! We had 90 different boxes to unpack . 90! We not only brought in our new collection and best sellers but we also planned out lighting, art, and accessories. Upon our arrival, we realized......that our walls were built in the wrong place by 2.5 feet! Meaning our carefully designed layouts WERE NOT GOING TO FIT. I nearly had a meltdown. We won't go there! I'll leave you with the Before.............and AFTER! We felt so special after we mounted our pretty gold "SOCIETY SOCIAL" sign and our booth visitors loved our wall mural showcasing our Grasscloth Color Collection, "All Color, No #Shade!" I am so grateful for our team who literally works so so hard from engineering to production to QC to shipping and customer service and everything in between! Y'all good people who come to work with a smile are hard to come by!And to the wonderful people who came by to support and encourage us, to those who have been following us since our 2011 launch, to our new friends and retail partners to my family and sweet husband and daughter! Thank you all for a successful market! I hope you enjoyed seeing it come together!

You can shop the new collection here! 

XOXO! Roxyp.s. Here are a few more AFTERS if you would like!