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Our Top Home Decor Trends With "Staying Power"

Although just like the fashion industry, it seems that home decor trends come and go, there are quite a few designs, materials and styles that are considered “classics”, that are rooted in history and are timeless vs trendy. When in doubt, look back at the design archives, where you’ll find a beautiful mix of upholstery, antiques, and textural materials. Scroll below for some of our favorite home decor trends with staying power!

1.  N A T U R A L  M A T E R I A L S 
Natural materials are stylistically versatile and full of texture and warmth, which make them an easy design go-to today - and for tomorrow. It may be finally starting to 'trend' again in a big way (hello House Beautiful's #1 furniture trend of 2020), but rattan, wicker, and grasscloth furniture will always remain classic! We've been producing this type of furniture for nearly 40 years and have sent our designs off to homes from city to the country and coasts - and have seen them placed in spaces that range from traditional to contemporary to mid-century modern. 

2.  T U X E D O  S T Y L E  S O F A S 
Tuxedo style sofas, made famous by the legendary Billy Baldwin, will always be a design staple. They're timeless but also modern! They remain popular now but they can also be spotted in iconic spaces like in the library of the late Bunny Mellon's Antigua Estate (now owned by Tory Burch) which is what inspired our Bunny Sofa pictured below from our latest collection.

3.  A N T I Q U E S  &  V I N T A G E  F I N D S 
There’s no denying the beauty of mixing and matching, whether it be mixing materials, prints or patterns. With that said, one of our decor favorites is pairing the old with the new -- styling vintage pieces with modern silhouettes and fabrics. Not only does this allow for a beautiful mix of materials and styles, it allows you to layer on another element of personality, a chance to incorporate a family heirloom or a piece that reflects your personal style. Pro tip! When searing for vintage tchotchkes, furniture, or home decor accessories, pay close attention to quality and detail as these are key components that can elevate your piece from looking like a yard sale snag to a pure vintage treasure. 

Shown above: Roxy's vintage faux bamboo mirror which she has had since she was a little girl!

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