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The Tableskirt is Back And More Functional Than Ever

Our glorified foyer, aka "hallway" which is a luxury to me coming from a studio apartment quickly turned into a shoe dumping ground! We kept tripping over all the shoes and it was such a visual disaster! We needed a clever and simultaneously stylish solution for a small NYC apartment. 

We started by purchasing three storage organizers from Home Depot! Our team at the NC factory made a custom table skirt that fit perfectly over these three storage organizers. Each cubby can hold 1-2 pairs of shoes!

And to really transform our hallway into a welcoming and functional foyer vs a pass- through we added a charming little shell box to hold our keys and bike passes, a mirrored tray to organize a favorite brass animal "Queen Elizabeth," and a beautiful calendar by Inslee. Bringing the outdoors in is always a must in our home and I scooped up the Myrtle Topiary from the NYC Flower district. The blue and white vintage planter is vintage Royal Homes of Britain Enoch Wedgwood! Blue and white forever!

A handpicked scent makes a home complete so I made sure to include of our signature candles that fills up the space with the most delicious fragrance even when it's not lit!

We're enjoying our practical and pretty storage tableskirt so much that we've made it available on our site here! Choose from a variety of fabrics for a look all your own!
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