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ūüćéSociety Social's Guide to New York City

{Gramercy Park Family Photo by Jacqueline Clair}
After 8 years of living in and loving New York City, we've compiled quite the list of our favorite places. As we prepare to head South, I'm thrilled to share with you our little guide to NYC which will include where to eat, drink, shop, and play-- as well as a few things we like to do as a family. 
Instead of focusing on the "best or fanciest," (there are many a list on that and I am no culinary expert!), I'll be sharing our regular go-tos and sweet favorites from over the years-- the places we've made memories! I hope you'll come along!{We love to get around by citibike! Photo by Alan Dale}
First up, Our Favorite ūüćē¬†Pizza Spots! (The full guide¬†will be going up within the next few weeks!)¬†Also, I'll be doing a reader's favorites post and I would¬†love to hear your recommendations in the comments!¬†
It's a bittersweet time and I cannot thank you for your kind, kind support for our family!
p.s. Thank you so much to Merrimane Kids for Austen Kelly's favorite fleece! :)