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Society Social Decorating Tips

S T A R T  W I T H  A  T I M E L E S S  P I E C E 

Having designer's block? When designing a space, I like to start with a timeless piece that can be reinvented in any room in your home! Whether it's a larger piece of furniture like our archived Spring Street Desk or a classic piece of art, having a piece to ground a space or to pull colors from is always a great jumping off point.

Faux Bamboo X-Stool  |  Melrose Lamp - White

C H O O S E  M U L T I - F U N C T I O N A L  F U R N I T U R E 

There's nothing better than a chic piece that doubles as functional storage! Our Carmen Credenza looks great as an entryway statement piece, in a living room for hidden storage, or as a buffet in the dining room. If you're styling her in an entryway, pull up a chair so you have a comfy space to put on your shoes and add a tray to the Carmen's tabletop to act as a catch all for keys and accessories. 

D O N ' T  F O R G E T  A B O U T  T E X T U R E !

Although we're huge fans of color and all things patterned, what we find takes a space from chaotic to serene is incorporating a variety of textures into the mix. Although neutral, the different textures will still create contrast and dimension in your space and prevent your decor from falling flat. Above we've mixed natural materials, pairing our woven Boracay Cocktail Table with our Baytown End Table and adding in our gold leaf Pagoda Faux Bamboo Lamp for a touch of glam.
M I X  T H E  O L D  W I T H  T H E  N E W

I spent the majority of my twenties, collecting tear sheets from shelter magazines and creating a vision of my dream home in my head. Along with that came a distaste for everything I owned and the desire to have a picture perfect abode. I quickly learned that neither my style, nor my purse, could lend itself to this editorial-worthy dream. Once I began to embrace the items I had collected, from hand-me-down pieces of furniture, to treasures found on the streets of New York, I realized that I had created a style that was all my own. Mixing the old with the new and embracing all the things I love is what defines my home now and it couldn't be more uniquely me. Here I've paired our Bridgehampton Dining Chairs with a vintage burlwood table. 

 P R I N T E D  T O  P E R F E C T I O N

 Have you ever fallen in love with a fabric and wished it was wallpaper? Not many people know that there are companies that are able to process fabric to make it suitable for wall pasting. You can turn your favorite textile into a unique wallpaper for a look all your own! It's one of my favorite decorating hacks.


R E T H I N K  Y O U R  R O O M ' S  L A Y O U T

A motto of mine and at Society Social is that we believe you should decorate to entertain! After all, a house ins't a home unless shared with the people you love. In that spirit, never hesitate to rearrange a room or space if it better accommodates your guests! Having lived in small spaces for the better part of my entertaining life, I've had to get creative from moving an entire living room to create a better flow from the dining area to an outdoor space to temporarily using indoor furniture out, and transforming a bedroom into a common area by disguising the bed and adding extra seating! To prep for a holiday party and to create extra space for our dining table, we moved our Sedgewick Bar Cart alongside our Monroe Tassel Sofa so it doubled as an end table and functional bar!


P E R S O N A L  T O U C H E S

Being an individual with a strong sense of nostalgia, creating a space that is full of positive memories provides a grounding force and creates a sense of serenity. Whether it's the scent of a candle that floors your mind with memories, or a collection of black-and-white photographs of friends and family members, surrounding yourself with positive influences will inevitably bring about serenity. 

Carmen Grasscloth Nightstand  |  Lyla Faux Bamboo Bed