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September's Five Favorite Finds

Because these new discoveries have been adding delightful, small joys to my everyday, I found it absolutely necessary to share them with you!

Hope my favorites become yours!
XOXO! Roxy
p.s. The below are not linked to affiliate marketing in anyway. In other words, I will not make $$$, just sharing in good ol' fashioned blogging style because you need to know!
Alan and I don't take a lot of vacations, but when we do we like to go big! We recently explored 12 cities in 10 days, the two of us captured mostly with the good ol' selfie, but considering this is also a special time pre-baby, I wanted some beautiful photos we could cherish forever and one day share with baby! Our photographer, Gaetan, was a local to the French Riviera and was able to suggest the shoot location. He also served as tour guide of sorts and took us through old town Monte Carlo, Monaco. We love our pics and I will share them all soon!
Meanwhile, learn more here.


I have always wanted to arrange flowers with the style and ease of my mother and grandmother but any such talent and a green thumb skipped my generation. This book from a talented floral design studio breaks down 40+ arrangements with colorful diagrams and 400+ pictures and even tells you how many of each variety of flower to buy. They recommend florist tools and techniques, too! I can't wait to go through all of the "recipes!" For my first go I stuck with a super simple flower grid and one variety, Anemones!
Shop The Flower Recipe Book here.

3. This dress for 19.90.
It comes in 8 colors and is the perfect layering piece for fall! It also fits a bump if you're  expecting like me. Seriously, it's the one of two dresses I can wear these days! Shop here. 
4. These shoes. "The ease of a sneaker but with the polish of a feminine flat." Made of recycled water bottles, machine washable, and the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned! Not one blister or ache during our trip running around 12 cities and 6 countries! Great in the rain, too! I have the red camo pair and need the new leopard ones asap.
Shop Rothy's here

5. This NEW fabric collection.  
Schumacher x VogueLiving made textile babies and I want it all. A favorite floral I styled here with our Society Social "Les Touches" headboard, Carmen Grasscloth Nightstand, and Ivory Tassel Lamp. If you're interested email us as we would love to source this fabric for you!