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Roxy Shares 3 DIYS for a Boo-tiful Halloween!

I believe that seasonal decorating doesn't have to be kitchy or overly crafty. In that spirit here are 3 slightly spooky yet positively chic DIY's to set the mood for tricks and treats!
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All you'll need for my "eyeballs" is the below! Canned lychees (a fruit!) can be found in the Asian section of almost any grocery store. I bought these from Whole Foods where I picked up blackberries. Simply stuff the lychees with blackberries and plop into your cauldron, er punch, or skewer individual "eyeballs" for cocktails.
My poisonous apples are almost foolproof! Unless you live in NYC and have zero outdoor space to spray paint. These were done in a basement alleyway with the help of one our sweet building staff who said he didn't want baby being exposed to the fumes. Thank you, Tim! We liked how there is some red peeking through. Note: these are only for display! Please don't eat the painted apples!
One type of bloom can pack a big punch when arranged artfully. To make these anemones, which I chose for their on season black "hearts," I used a simple scotch tape grid to help them stand up and look more full. Place the curvier and more unwieldy stems on the lower rim of your vase and the straighter taller stems in the center then fill in as needed.And there you go! 3 simple and slightly spooky touches for fabulous and equally fun frights this October. Happy decorating!
p.s. More info on the 3 inexpensive "buys" above: "BOO" from Crate & Barrel $35, Black Goblets $35 and Beakers $20 from Amazon!
Styling, Furniture, Photography by Roxy Te/Society Social


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