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Our New Collection Sneak Peek and 3 BIG Reasons Why We Won't be at High Point Market

How I feel about our new collection. Exhibit A.

April is almost upon us! It's the month our 8th furniture collection launches and also the month we will NOT be showing at High Point Market. More on that later, but first let me tell you why our new round of intros is simply DOPE.

Maybe it was meant to be all along and in the same year we left NYC to return "home" we launch this collection which is also in a sense a Return to Our Roots. It's a Rattan Revival! A Toast to the Tropics!Each one of our new designs is named after a special place or beloved person in my native islands, the Philippines. You'll find names that honor my late grandparents, long time members of our Philippines team, places in the city in which I was born-- this is where our family's furniture story began and this is where it continues. The Gracie Mirror below from our October collection is one of my all time favorites. It is bound in rattan by hand by our in-house artisans!

This forthcoming collection is simultaneously nostalgic yet modern, glamorous Palm Beach yet casual coastal, familiar but equal parts exotic. I hope you'll stay tuned for our big launch in April!

Almost 20 (!!!!!!), TWENTY NEW DESIGNS coming at ya that the team and I had so much fun creating! 

AND GUESS WHAT?!Come Fall you will hopefully have a place to see all our pieces in person! Like all the time! Like year round! Lease negotiations are happening as we speak on a space that will be our official SOCIETY SOCIAL FLAGSHIP! I could not dream up a better location and we've hired a dream of a designer to bring our brand to life. We hope to open our doors in Charlotte, North Carolina later this year!

And this brings me to HIGH POINT MARKET. Although we could not have asked for a better first (and only) show and holy moly all the support and enthusiasm in the world, pulling out had to be done. Here are the 3 reasons why the team and I felt like we didn't have a choice.

1) The cost! The amount of money it took to show for 5 days covers a whole year's worth of rent-- A YEAR! Which leads me to 2) our flagship store! We are investing heavy in making it a true experience for you. I truly hope it becomes its own little, happy AF community where you'll get to know us and we'll get to know you even more! 

And 3) this is a hard one for me to explain. In no way am I ungrateful to the amount of stores who stopped by our booth, you guys made our grueling market days worth the work! There were just too many accounts who wanted to take our designs and brand them as their own. There is certainly a place for that from traditional High Point vendors, but that is simply not us. We are proud and passionate creators. We are building A BRAND that believes that furniture is fun! That a beautiful life starts at home! Creating designs with so much excitement but then offering them up to be white labeled felt like such a disservice to them, to you, our team, and all our years of hard work. By scaling back on wholesale, we're also able to offer you better pricing! Hello-- our founding mission! The designer look at friendly, inclusive pricing! If anything, High Point was a much needed reminder of THE BABE that inspired me to start Society Social in the first place! 

We will still be available at some retail partners but v few and v select! These special stores that we love to work with take a shorter than traditional mark-up to be able to bring you our designs.

With that said, we are still taking on private label accounts like we have for years. If you are the below or if you would like to join our team, please reach out to us at We would love to work with you!

That is all y'all! We have so much to give in 2019 and I cannot wait! Thank you so much for stopping by and for listening! 


p.s. Rainbow stripe dress here and yellow power dress here!

Our privately owned family factories in Cebu, Philippines and Conover, North Carolina have been in manufacturing since the early 80s. We've manufactured for large US retailers, hospitality accounts, and worked in conjunction with design teams to develop many private label and licensed collections. We have the capabilities to work with metals, natural materials, synthetic outdoor materials and more. We can work in almost category!

  • Natural materials including but not limited to: raffia, seagrass, abaca, rattan, cane, bamboo
  • Aluminum outdoor frames
  • Powder coated finishing
  • Synthetics and all weather materials for outdoor weaving
  • Hardwood materials and wood veneers
  • Stone, resin, and plaster
  • Carving
  • Upholstery
  • Painting
  • Shipping/Warehousing