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I Googled Myself and This Is the Funny Thing That Happened.

Who else googles a person before an upcoming meeting? Be honest ;) A few weeks ago I was making a house visit for a potential project and upon googling the couple, found the sweetest Youtube video that told their incredible story. More on that later! It got me wondering what people might find if they Google'd me!
Enter Google search bar, "Roxy Te"
The usual popped up: Society Social features, LinkedIn, Twitter, and delightfully my old blog, last post dated January 25, 2014. Relieved not to have found anything floating around the interwebs before 2007 aka all the smart decisions I made in college, I decided to click around to see what the "7 years ago me" had to say. I found myself on the About Me Page which I wrote back in January 2010.
Disclaimer: this was written pre-Society Social and the year of a mid-twenty something crisis in which I quit my corporate job to "find myself." We lived in Charlotte, NC and I was so mad I ever left NYC. I sent out countless, unanswered resumes and endured unemployment for a year during which I decided: I would never get back to my favorite city, I was getting left behind, my life was doomed, professionally and personally I was worthless and a failure and an embarrassment to my husband, family, and self. That was such a fun time! 
The last paragraph on aforementioned About Me Page made me stop and feel the feelings.  
Even in the Anne with an -e depths of despair, I wrote in January 2010: "One day I will zip around THE big city on my Hermes orange vintage bicycle, have a dog named George, live on a tree-lined slash cobble stone street, renovate my pre-war brownstone, and know that I made my mark!"
Y'all, I didn't give up on myself! Which is incredible because I honestly remember thinking I would never ever find my way.
So to recap in the 7 years between now and then:
We made it back to NYC.
My Hermes orange bicycle might be a blue overly-used and abused rented Citibike.
My dog's name is Oscar not George. He is such a good Oscar.
Our street isn't cobble-stoned but it is tree-lined.
And while I may not own a brownstone that I can renovate (who did I think I was growing up to be? SJP?), our rental apartment is pre-war!!!!
This all counts, right?!
I know this is so emo, (go on, roll your eyes, I don't care :) but I teared up a little in the realization that one way or another it turned out ok and that life is truly what you make of it and if you want it bad enough, you work hard enough, you don't ever ever give up, then you won't let yourself fail, whatever "fail" really means anyways!
Well. That is all. I just wanted to share the good juju, even if you don't need it, but especially in the case that you do.