Effortless Entertaining for the 4th!

Whether you're hosting at home or packing a picnic with friends, our Society Social Charlotte accessories paired with a few of our entertaining tips, are sure to impress with no stress.  

1). Transform the Traditional
Our salad is on point! The "chef salad on a stick" is an effortless staple to any picnic or party. Roll up some cold cuts and cheese, add your favorite veggies, and arrange them onto a long skewer for a quick bite that is perfect for a hot summer's day sans fork!  Bite sized foods from sandwiches to desserts are easy to serve and fun for everyone! 
2). Don't Skimp on Style:
Just because you're going simple with the food, doesn't mean you need to stay simple with the style too! Set out decorative napkins, chargers, and melamine plates to make the meal look more intentional. 
Our hand-painted dishes are available in a number of sizes and colors and are the perfect way to elevate your appetizers. 
If you're entertaining outdoors or hosting little ones at the party, our melamine serveware allows you to entertain at ease without sacrificing style!
We personally love pairing our Cane Tumblers with our blue & white decorative linens, available as placematsnapkins and tablecloths!
3). Think Vertical:
When maximizing limited tabletop space, choose vertically oriented serveware. Along with this tip, most people think of sweet treats when it comes to towers. Try something different like a fruit and cheese "plate" for a memorable, not to mention healthier, presentation. 
4). Turn to the Turkish Towel:
When hosting an al fresco affair, having a slew of Turkish towels on hand is always a must. They not only make for the perfect picnic blanket (shown below!) they can also double as a chic tablecloth or a sarong for guests to turn to when the sun goes down! Drape them on the back of your dining chairs or lay them out on your patio so guests feel welcome to take one and cozy up!
5). A Signature Cocktail is a Must:
We're here to share our 2 go-to drinks of the summer. A Gin Basil Cucumber Smash Cocktail and a Southern Sweet Tea BourbonBoth are quick and easy to whip up and also perfect for hosting, just make a full pitcher.

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Have just recently discovered this amazing shop! Originally from NC but living in MD I can’t wait to visit my sister in Charlotte to actually come into your gorgeous store. I have several items in my shopping cart already. In viewing your blog for celebrating the 4th posted on June 25th could you share the source for the wicker picnic basket?

Love everything I am seeing. One other question the bamboo napkin holder is only for cocktail napkins? My Vanity Fair napkins are measuring 6.5 X 6.5 so probably will not fit. I do not suppose there are other size options for this adorable napkin holder correct?

Thank you and can’t wait to place my order and visit your store when I am next in Charlotte.

Laura Suguiyama

Laura Suguiyama July 17, 2020

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