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5 Easy Tips for Styling a Holiday Bar Cart & A $400+ Giveaway!

Real Society Social, Kate Bowler has decked out her SS Worth Bar Cart with holiday spirit(s)! We love Kate's colorful style and non-traditional take on her holiday color scheme! Kate's bar cart is always stocked and decorated for the ultimate gathering. We're ready to come on over!  Read on for Kate's 5 holiday decorating tips and to see how she styled out her hot pink Worth Bar Cart!
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1. Pick a color scheme!
I always start with color when I’m styling a bar. For the holidays
you could go for traditional reds and greens, natural rustic tones, or clean white and
metallic for a modern look. Since I have a bright pink Society Social Worth Bar Cart, it’s
fair to say I’m on board with the bright and colorful look. I balance the colorful pink cart
with mint and emerald green to make it feel seasonal, and add in lots of black and white
accents with a preppy twist.
2. Add holiday greens.
Any bar can look festive, but holiday festive requires some
elements that ring true to seasonal traditions. For me, the best way to do this is with
natural greenery. You can use swags of pine in front of the bar, hang wreaths above or on
the cart, or place some mini evergreen trees in pots on top of the bar. I repurposed
topiaries that I’ve used in my house year round and given them an extra seasonal spin
with big bows that are reminiscent of wrapped gifts under the tree.

3. Use cohesive bottles.
A little styling trick that will make your bar look polished and
picture-perfect: use cohesive looking bottles. If you ever flip through your favorite
magazines you’ll notice that stylists use big groupings of the same type of bottled water
or wine or other drink for a clean look that fills negative spaces. I like to pick one type of
wine or champagne to stock up on and fill the bar cart with. You can offer other drinks of
course, but use the cohesive bottles to fill any large empty spaces on the bar for a clean
look.4. Adorn the glassware.
I’m a big proponent of champagne flutes; they are the most festive
glassware! Give classic pieces of glassware a festive touch by tying holiday ribbons
around the base to match your color scheme. You can even use a variety of ribbon colors
that coordinate with your décor to act as markers for your guests’ drinks. At the end of
the party just snip the ribbons off before washing them up.

5. Add festive details.
Update the art over your bar cart with something that is extra
seasonal! I replaced the piece of art that usually sits over our bar cart with a cheeky
holiday greeting scrolled out in festive calligraphy by the designers at Sip & Script. I
worked with Framebridge to give the piece a stately looking custom frame in luxurious
burl wood; the large white matte and frame make the piece a major statement. Another
fun way to add festive details to your bar cart is to use wrapped gifts in paper that
matches your color scheme. I used a stack of presents to fill in some space on the bottom
of the bar cart, and used a smaller set of wrapped boxes to elevate my bar accessories on
the top of the cart. All that’s left to do is add some garlands, a few holiday cocktail
napkins, and pop that bubbly!