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5 Things You Totally Need at Your Next Holiday Party!

We recently filmed with the lovely crew over at Cheddar to bring you an exciting segment on 5 Things You Totally Need at Your Next Holiday Party! Founded by the former president of the ever popular Buzzfeed, Cheddar is a live and on demand video news network focused on covering the most innovative products, technologies, and services transforming our lives. Their crew normally streams from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange and the FlatIron building but for this Cheddar Life segment they came to our Soho showroom! We are flattered we made the cut!
To view Roxy's feature with Cheddar click here! For details and links to the products we showcase, scroll below!
1. Drinking Shrubs:
Shrubs, or sweetened vinegar-based fruit syrups are an easy way to make fancy cocktails at home! We love mixing drinks with Sweet Caroline's shrubs since they're available in a variety of unique flavors such as Grapefruit Tarragon, Blueberry Basil, Apple Habanero Coriander, Golden Beet Saffron Vanilla, Blood Orange Szechuan, Mango Cardamom, and more. So fancy, right?!
2. Gold Metal Straws:
Gold metal straws are our go to this entertaining season! Not only are they reusable, chic and stylish, they're a great replacement for paper straws which tend to disintegrate in your drink. These straws are available in two different sizes and are a great staple to add to your bar cart! 
3. Edible Glitter:
Edible glitter is available in a rainbow of colors and can be purchased at a local baking supply or craft store for only $5! Just be sure to purchase the edible and non-toxic kind when sprinkling on baked goods! Decorate sweet treats, create colorful ice cubes, or add a kick of color to the rim of your cocktail glass! Edible glitter is an easy and affordable way to wow your guests!
4. Acorn Silicone Mold:
 These silicone molds are great for festive baking in that they're available in an assortment of seasonal shapes and styles fit for Christmas, July 4th, Halloween, Valentine's Day and more! For the fall segment with Cheddar, we opted for the acorn mold, baking delicious mini pumpkin bites. Our favorite molds are by Wilton and are available at a number of baking supply stores. Because they are freezer safe, dishwasher safe, and oven safe up to 500 degrees get creative and use them for not only baked goods but also: candy, ice cubes (coffee ice cubes would be delicious!), or even jello shots! We bought ours for just $10 at Chelsea Cake Supply. 
5. Mini Boxwood Wreaths:
With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, we're getting ready to prepare our tablescapes and seating arrangements! We love preserved boxwood wreaths because they are re-usable, multi-functional and inexpensive. For festive table decor, place a candle inside of a mini boxwood wreath, or simply tie a boxwood to the back of each chair with a big red bow! Also, get crazy and hang it on a door! ;)