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5 Spaces I Love Series: Madison

If you've been following along with Designing #SocietySocialHome, you know Roxy is in the process of building her dream house! Since pulling inspo photos is a great place to start when tackling a new design project, we're starting a new series where we'll ask our team member and favorite tastemakers from influencers to friends to share their 5 favorite spaces. It's going to be such a fun way to get to know each other!

Madison is here to share 5 spaces she loves!

1. Living Room by Amber Interiors:

To introduce you to my style you have to know that I have a true soft spot for mid-century modern design. This living room is by 
Amber Interiors, who is by far one of my favorite designers! The oversized geometric shapes are perfectly balanced by the boho-inspired rug. I love how the Sofa pulls out the lilac tones in the rug, and those accent chairs are to-die-for!

2. X by Jen Smason

I have always preferred smaller living spaces: condos, apartments, townhomes. Maybe it's because the space is inherently cozier. So even in a larger home I appreciate maximizing the use of a smaller space. This living space tucked in between rooms is both fresh and cozy! The rattan accent chairs have such a cool shape and I love how all of the browns are complemented by pops of green! Jen Smason is the designer of this trendy and elegant space. 

3. Outdoor Living Space by Athena Calderone

How does one take so many deep, dark tones and make the space feel so fresh and light? Well, this space featured by Athena Calderone (yes, Melissa featured this babe too in her favorite spaces!) pulls it off! I love how the white space becomes a crisp highlight living beside all of the dark hues. I also appreciate how the inclusion of natural material softens all the hard lines. This living space is outdoors, but I have such an affinity for nature, I could spend all my time here!

4. Outdoor/Indoor Living with Amber Interiors

Did I already mention I love Amber Interiors?? Well, I really do! 
This space is also one of her designs and it blows me away! I love this living room for two specific reasons. First, the colors and textures used, along with the massive sliding doors, create a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor. The furniture and decor choices are able to blur the boundaries between the living room and the outdoor space. Secondly, I am so intrigued by the horizontal design of the space. The wide openings, horizontal outdoor paneling, paired with the low sitting furniture make the room read like a film screen. All of this achieved without taking away from the height of the room. 

5. Living Room by Sarah Sherman Samuel:

And drumroll.... my final space (and by far my favorite) a living room by Sarah Sherman Samuel
I am not usually a fan of A-frames, but Sarah Sherman Samuel has changed my heart with this design. The mixture of textures in a clean and airy space just works. I love the tie in of the painted stone featured on the fireplace and the half walls, it pulls this enormous open space into one room. The sofas are eye-catching to say the least, they can’t be ignored. I also love the contrast of muted tones with the vibrancy of the neon lime fabric. And did you catch those gorgeous rattan accent chairs??? Oh my!