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5 Reasons For a Pillow Fight // Featuring SS New Bright Pillow Arrivals!

Our new SS pillow arrivals are brighter and bolder than ever! To showcase our love for all things colorful and patterned, we are excited to introduce our new neon and floral collection. And what better way to celebrate the recent addition of vibrant SS pillows than to share a couple reasons why a pillow fight is a must! 
1) To perpetuate the stereotype that pillow fighting is still the main activity at any female slumber party.
2) Because it was cool to do in the movie Animal House...and Animal House can do no wrong!
3) "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" came on the radio and you ladies can't contain yourselves.
4) Because each year, there is actually a day dubbed "International World Pillow Fight Day!" And because yes, BuzzFeed strikes again with this amazing Pillow Fight Day article.
5) Your SS shipment just arrived! What else are you going to do with your old, outdated decorative pillows?
// Lush and glamorous, our Ipanema Trellis Pillow is a unique and unexpected pop of exotic for the daring home! //
// Our Pool Blue Pillow paired with the Multicolor Peony Pillow is the perfect combination to add color and flair to your home!  //
// Our new French Fruit Pillows look great styled with our Black Slub and White Stripe Pillow and whimsical SS Silver Pineapple! //