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How to Take a Mirror Selfie

Yes, there are other people out there besides Kim Kardashian-West who can give you insight into taking the best mirror selfie. And unlike Kim, we don’t think you need to take 300 photos to find the perfect snap. Here are the tips you need in order to nail your mirror selfie!
2) Always include your pet, it makes you 10x cuter
3)  No, having your mom in the background is not a plus
4) Please don’t use your ipad
5) Make sure the mirror is secure on the wall- We don’t want any mid-selfie injuries
6) Yes, definitely get your selfie stick involved
7) Avoid mirrors in public restrooms- how basic!
8) Definitely crop out that pile of clothes in the background.
9) If you’re going to photoshop abs in, at least make it look realistic.
10) Please change out of that cat shirt, that’s not a good look.
Sorry Kim, we prefer our tips!