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10 Reasons To Drink

Even though most of us don't need reasons to drink, we're here to give you a handful of situations that go hand in hand with a bottle...or two or three! Here are 10 reasons why you can now justify purchasing the Society Social bar cart you've been eyeing!
1) The classic - It's 5:00 somewhere.
2) Drinking games- I mean, whoever invented beer Olympics is a genius
3) How else can you justify meeting up with your latest tinder match... liquid courage!
4) Because you just got dumped and there's no more ice cream in the freezer
5) Somewhere out there in this magical world, someone is doing something spectacular and we all should celebrate.
6) Because medical studies have shown that drinking red wine is good for the heart... and doctors know everything right?
7) Your cheese and crackers are lonely.. enough said!
8) Because brunch is not the same without a mimosa - And a mimosa without champagne is just a child's drink
9) Your roommate's obnoxious friend is coming over, and if your thin walls can't mask her voice from the room over then vodka will have to do.
10) Since your hangover isn't going to cure itself, you might as well continue!