6 Reasons Why You Totally Need a Sleeper Sofa

Hey guys, Melissa here! So you just moved into your new apartment and you're struggling with the idea of decorating the space. To get a sleeper sofa or to not? That is the question! You may try and convince yourself that you can do without, that you can indeed walk the extra 10 feet into your bedroom after a long night out... but does that actually happen?
Here at Society Social, we're big fans of the Alan Dale Sleeper! Not only is it beautifully tufted with a camelback headboard, its functional too! Not sold yet? Here are 6 more reasons why you can't live without one!
1) Impromptu slumber party with the girlfriends.
2) If you live in a super small apartment and your living room doubles as a guest room- For all you fellow New Yorkers out there, I'm sure you can relate.
3) You live in a 5th floor walkup and your legs can't handle the extra steps to your bedroom.
4) Since Air BNB rates are crazy high in the city this weekend, your friend asked if she could crash on your sleeper sofa instead- Did we mention she is paying you in the currency of margaritas and macaroons?
5) Remember above when I mentioned you thought you could make it to your bedroom after a night out? Well, you didn't!
6) Exiling your friends to the pagoda pet bed has actually resulted in a loss of  friends.
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