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3 Solid Reasons a Tray Can Be Your Best Weekend Accomplice

The Faux Bamboo Trays have arrived, and just in time for summer! If you think they look gorgeous in photos, wait until you see them in person! Here's a couple of reasons why you can't survive this weekend without one!
1) Breakfast in bed- I mean, how can you say no to banana nutella pancakes served on a colorful faux bamboo tray? And if breakfast in bed means Oscar is invited, then it's a no brainer!
2) Serving up cocktails for friends- Did someone say Raspberry Limoncello Prosecco? Here's the perfect refreshing recipe:
1 cup of limoncello liquor
3 cups of Prosecco
6 sprigs of fresh mint
1 cup of frozen raspberries

In a large pitcher, whisk together lemoncello liquor and Prosecco. Serve cold over raspberries and garnish with mint.


3) Transporting all the makings in and out for a summer meal al fresco- I know we don't have access to a breathtaking Italian terrace, but for now, our New York balconies will have to suffice!

 // Faux Bamboo Tray - Pink //

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