Don't Buy It, DIY It Video Demo with Roxy

Last week I had the honor of being a host at HGTV's first ever Blogger Block Party.
I demo'd a DIY for their popular column, Don't Buy It, DIY It. How cute is my volunteer?
I posted the final product on social media (shown above) and offered a video demo and many of you said yes! So Alan Dale (who is always the most supportive!) and I spent our Saturday at the NYC studio rigging up a situation to make this happen for you. Think tables on top of tables and a makeshift "set." I hope you enjoy this Roxy and Alan Dale production :) Watch it on Society Social's YouTube channel or simply watch it below. This would be such a fun project to do with the girls (with wine of course!) and if you do give it a shot, share and tag with #societysocial. I would love to see and of course I would also love to hear your thoughts!
A few notes: 
I found the acrylic trays here
I recommend this spray adhesive, this mod podge, and this polyurethane as a sealer.
Design and print your own monogram for free here. Or if you already have a signature monogram trace over it with tracing paper, layer it on top of your chosen paper, then carve it out with an exacto. 


Love this DIY! I’d already found the trays on amazon but hadn’t had a way of really chic-ing them up! I’d love to see more like this from you!

I’m quite upset about the recent price increase of your bar carts though. Not so budget-friendly anymore ;(

Carol September 04, 2014

This DIY is amazing!! Thank you so much for posting this!

Emma September 03, 2014

Youa re a superstar on the camera as well!! What a great DIY!!

Albertina || Mimosa Lane August 24, 2014

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