• Cut & sold by the 10 meter roll
  • Paste the wall - straight match
  • 100% paper
  • Please consult your professional wallpaper installer for roll amount suggestions
  • Professional installation recommended



Shipping & Returns

  • This item will arrive via FedEx or UPS Ground Delivery which includes a tracking number
  • This item is final sale
  • You can find more information on our shipping methods and returns policy here

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer samples of this wallpaper?

Yes, you can order a sample of our Eltham in Aqua Wallpaper here!

What is a double roll vs a single roll?

A single roll is the square footage (width x the roll's length) that you will get from a single roll of the wallpaper. A double roll is the equivalent length of two single rolls on one physical roll. All rolls measure differently, so please make sure you know how many yards are on a roll before you purchase.

How much wallpaper do I need?

Calculating the exact number of yards or rolls that you will need for your space can be a tricky task. In order to make the most of your investment, we always recommend consulting with a professional. Please note, this wallpaper is final sale and we are not responsible for measurement inaccuracies.

What is prepasted vs unpasted?

Prepasted wallpapers have a cured adhesive applied to the backing, which is activated with water. These wallpapers must be booked before hanging. Unpasted wallpapers have no paste applied to the backing, so paste will be needed.

What is trimmed vs untrimmed?

Untrimmed wallpaper refers to papers in which the selvage edges have not been removed prior to packaging, therefore, trimming will be done by the installer using a straight edge or a razor knife. Trimmed wallpapers refer to papers in which the edges are cut prior to shipping.

What is a "repeat"?

The design repeat of a wallpaper tells you how many inches the pattern is vertically, until it repeats itself again. Pattern with no repeats will have little waste, but larger designs (with repeats above 21") may require more wallpaper so the pattern flow-matches.

What paint colors pair nicely with this wallpaper?

A few of our favorites are SW 6422 Shagreen, SW 6425 Relentless Olive, SW 6500 Open Seas, and SW 6123 Baguette! We always recommend purchasing a wallpaper sample and visiting your local paint or hardware store to get paint samples first. 

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