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Why Vacations are Important: Jamaica

The first feeling that comes to mind when I think of vacation is guilt. The idea of taking time off feels like I'm cheating my business, my team, those who may not have the time or the means to get away...exhausting, no? With the help of my life coach and my newest reason to live a more balanced life, Austen girl, I've made it my goal to change my perspective. Michelle insists that vacations are 100% necessary, if not mandatory for overall health. To be your best for others, you must be your best to yourself. "You can't pour from an empty cup," after all.  Aside from the mental health benefits of vacation, quality time with family, the sun, and the sand are just plain good for the soul!
In that spirit, we were off to our first family vacation!
For the record, Jamaica in January is never a bad idea!
Here are a few pics that totally prove vacations are important!