13 IG's We're Following Now

All I have to say about 2019 is that it's the year of the 🐷 (supposedly my year) and it's trying to kill me. Facts? At least one of the aforementioned statements may be--- insert laughing and crying emoji because I'm not sure which one is happening at any given time 😂😭 I shared that I've recruited an IRL therapist and life coach here (because self care should be a priority y'all!) but I've also started following a handful of IG therapists (and the like) whose accounts bring a little extra strength to my day and I hope yours, too! Apparently, IG therapists are totally trending according to The New York Times!

For good measure and because laughter is actually the best medicine, I've also thrown in a few accounts that always have me LMAO, ROTFL, etc. Scroll to the bottom!


  1. @the.holistic.psychologist
  2. @notesfromyourtherapist
  3. @sosheslays
  4. @bossbabe.inc
  5. @workparty
  6. @spiritualmovement
  7. @createthelove
  8. @mindfulmft
  9. @_mombojombo_
  10. @thebehappyproject
  11. @mytherapistsays
  12. @30somethingaf
  13. @momsbehavingbadly

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