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You guys we did it.

Approximately 12 months and 3 weeks after we left our beloved NYC apartment for small town NC, approximately 9 months and 2 weeks after we broke ground, and approximately 3 months and 2 weeks after we opened Society Social Charlotte, we got the keys to our first house EVER!!!
We busted our tails for this, even living in 375 square feet 😄 for 5 years so we could afford to pay for a showroom for Society Social in NYC. Some of our biggest opportunities came out of that little showroom!

Many of you sent in the sweetest move-in traditions from writing your names on the wall framing before drywall goes up to sprinkling pennies or rice on the floor for good luck and prosperity to takeout and bubbly as the first meal!

On our first night we ordered takeout, popped a bottle of bubbly adding to our precious cork safe collection, snuggled with our sweet girl, and kept looking at each other in disbelief repeating "Do we really live here?" and "How does this possibly cost less than our 700 square foot city apartment?" SMH.A few of you have been tagging along during this process and I can't wait to share more about our decorating plan! In true Southern style, we painted our porch ceiling blue, an old fashioned tradition meant to protect a home from bad spirits. It might be silly, but it sure is beautiful!

If you would like, we shot a short video answering all your Instagram questions from paint colors to our builder to where I bought our woven wood shades to lots more!

Pop over HERE to get the scoop! We hope to host you soon!