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The Real Society Socials No. 14 {Thea Bloch-Neal}

Photography by Elizabeth Shrier 
Meet Thea, one of Society Socials' most loyal and supportive friend and customer! Thea is the designer and founder of Hushed Commotion, a Brooklyn based brand featuring elegant hand crafted veils, headpieces and belts! When she's not designing her handmade beauties in her in-home studio, you can find Thea harvesting fresh herbs from her garden for fabulous cocktails! Thea and her husband Rachit recently renovated their gorgeous Brooklyn brownstone - we obviously had to go and check it out for ourselves!

Thank you so much for inviting us into your gorgeous Brooklyn brownstone! Why Society Social?

I love Roxy and her work! When we were planning for the new place, I immediately went to Roxy and said “ I need a couch!”. I knew she could help me customize a piece that would be comfy, and a statement. Months later, our teal couch arrived and we have loved it ever since. Plus, we are fellow NC ladies! Have to support one another!



"Africa" by Inslee Pillow

Thea's Charlotte Sofa in Grade A Turquoise! 

Far right: Kynane Pillow 

You recently did a complete renovation of your home. Tell us more about that! 

What a journey! I knew it was going to be hard, but goodness – it really is an undertaking. Design consumes you, negotiating aesthetic with your partner consumes you, timelines are delicate, making sure you do things right but stay in budget is a challenge.... there are a tone of rolling balls. On top of that, we both have full time jobs! And yes, it was totally worth it. We love our space. We got to keep a lot of the historic details like moldings, while adding in modern fixtures and design. We have a lot of art and being able to display that has been so rewarding. Plus, our space is built out for entertaining, so we have really enjoyed having a place where people come to cook and hang out with us.

Otomi Pillow and Kos Pillow 

Your decor is a wonderful mix of new and collected, do you have a story behind some of these treasures?

Thank you! We really believe in buying things that have personal meaning and stories behind them. All of the art on our walls have stories. Some of them are photographs my father took, some of them are pieces from local Brooklyn artists, some are from our travels (especially our honeymoon in South East Asia), some were gifts. We hung our wedding Ketubbah in the front hall, which was designed and created by my godmother. I love being able to walk past that each day. Buying for our home is a real joint effort between the two of us, we each come to the other with ideas and pieces and then we discuss it through. Many of the wood pieces you see in the house were bought on our honeymoon, it was a wonderful coincidence that we had that trip right before we moved in, so we had a blank canvas to work with. I also love DIY. We put up shelves together, I painted all the colors in the home, and I put up all the wallpaper myself. To me, it’s it so rewarding to do it myself, and I learn something new in the process!

Your in-home studio is absolutely gorgeous! How do you separate work from pleasure?
I love that space so much! Having it as a dedicated room really helps me separate myself when I need to. I can close the door and walk past it into our main spaces. So much of what I do I love, so many times I do stay up too late working, but it doesn’t feel stressful to me.

Can you tell we had some fun?


Favorite accessory?

Belts! I have always loved how a belt can totally transform an outfit. The same dress can go from day to night just by changing the belt. With a bride, the belt can make a simple dress pop, or be the finishing touch to an elaborately beaded gown. 

Drink of choice?


We love Thea's pairings! 

Give us one decorating tip...
Don’t be afraid of color!

And one entertaining tip!

Something always goes wrong at a party, so just learn to expect that things will happen and you go with the flow! As long as you have good people there, and you have done your prep work, it will all work out. (oh, and some great wine on hand!)

Favorite neighborhood restaurant?

Myrtle Diner, don’t be fooled by the name, it’s actually an Asian restaurant! The décor is beautiful and minimal, the food is incredible, and the menu changes monthly! Plus, they make their own hot sauce, that is always a win in my book.

Dream purchase for your home?

We want a pizza oven! Just not sure where to put it…

We have a suggestion! How amazing would one be nestled in the corner of their outdoor patio?! We're hoping Thea and Rachit splurge and invite us over for a slice... or two!

 Cheers to you, Thea! Thank you for being such a fabulous hostess and the most supportive friend and SS customer!