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"Roxy Te Owens, The Pioneer of the New Traditional Design Movement" - Forbes

Y'all, we are on Forbes! A BIG thank you to Amanda Lauren at Forbes for this amazing writeup. I know I am one of many pioneering the New Traditional design movement and it is an honor and thrill to be a part of this. Our entire team cannot thank you enough! 

(Shown above: Hanover Chairs, Airlie Console, Spunkie Lamp, Rudy Stool)

"Instagram and Pinterest's influence over interior design has pushed styles to evolve faster than any other time in history. The past decade has seen a range of styles come into prominence starting with ultra-modern and then mid century modern design. Enter Chip and Joanna Gaines with their modern farmhouse look and shiplap everywhere, which ultimately ushered in more contemporary looks."

"But the next big thing in interior design is undoubtedly 'new traditional,' which is sometimes called 'grandmillenial.' And there's no more important furniture designer and entrepreneur pioneering this movement than Roxy Te Owens, who is the founder of Society Social."

(Shown above: Society Social's new collection)

"It’s not a surprise that Owens started a furniture line because she was born into the industry. But that doesn’t mean she has had a free ride. Owens’ family immigrated to North Carolina from the Philippines before she was born. They had very little and built a business making private label furniture for other brands, even living in the factory with their daughter for the first two or three years of her life. Many of the artisans who make Society Social’s furniture in both North Carolina and the Philippines are people she has known since she was a child."

"But Owens is a true entrepreneur. Other than the knowledge she learned from her family and the fact that she uses their factories, nothing was handed to her. She started Society Social with her own savings and hasn’t taken on a single investor."


(Shown above: The Poesy Table)

"Society Social is equally rooted in traditional silhouettes and Instagram. 'We’ve always been traditional with a twist,' says Owens. 'I like layers, textures, patterns, and color. To me, that feels homey.'" 

"Customization is also at the heart of Society Social, being one of the few brands that offer a large number of custom options for upholstered items. While many furniture brands offer just a few color fabric choices for upholstery, there are tens of options for most pieces as well as color matching of Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore paint. It’s incredibly easy to get exactly what you want."