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Our Move to NC: All your Instagram Questions Answered!

First of all, our little family can't thank enough for all the love you've sent to surround us during our big move! When things start to stress us out (hello, we'll be working in 2 states! eek!) we think of all the messages and cards and phone calls we've received simply to check in on us and wish us well. We think of the loving send off from our NYC family and the warm welcome by our NC family. We can't for a second get too weepy, but instead we become grateful for an incredible support system we hardly deserve. The proof is in this yellow sign made by my excited parents. They were up at 3am with bells on when we arrived from the big city. They fed us warm soup and gave us equally warm hugs! 

For those of you who wanted to learn more, I opened up Insta stories to you with the "questions" app! So without further adieu, here are all your Instagram questions answered!

We love you!

What town did you move to?
Just outside of Hickory, NC. I moved to the town I grew up in! HOLY COW!

How are you handling the transition?
We moved to NYC in our 20s, chased our big city dreams, grew the business, started a family and made memories and friends to last a lifetime. NYC is the place we've spent most of our adult lives. It's a big and bittersweet change but one we know in our hearts it was the right move! 

What are you most excited about in NC?
I am most excited about the gift of our baby girl growing up so close to family: grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and our childhood and hometown and college friends!

Did you find a house or are you living with family? Your parents?
We are building! Hopefully it pushes through-- it very well may not at this rate! We've been in a long dragged out process of negotiating land and failing permits since last August More on that later, but for now yes, we have moved back in with my parents. They've been in my childhood home almost all my life- that's 30 some years!

Does it feel strange to be back in your childroom bedroom married and with a child?
Find me one person who would say no to this. LOL.

Where are you building?
Right outside of Hickory within walking distance of grandparents! How cute (or crazy lol) is that?!

How excited are you to furnish a new house?
Over the moon! We have so many new Society Social designs coming in 2019 and along with our 2018 intros, I can't wait to show you how we'll SS! Also, as I become more experienced in my career, I've been able to zero in on my likes and dislikes with more certainty. Style is an evolution and always a work in progress in my book!
What movers did you use?

Dumbo movers. They were expensive but efficient and fast! We received our NYC apartment just 4 business days after pick-up.

Can we meet you if we come to your showroom?
Yes, BUT! Our showroom is closed until approximately May as we've sold all the furniture in it! Mark you calendars for our biggest sample sale yet and its re-opening in May! We will be debuting our new 2019 designs!

Does your husband work for your company?
Nope! What's that saying? "Don't put all your eggs in one basket." He has worked hard to get to where he is in his career and we like the stability of his position since owning your own business comes with ups and downs. Unfortunately he will be commuting to NYC and that makes us sad but we are choosing to count our blessings over fixating on the distance. Lots of families make sacrifices to keep things moving forward for their loved ones and we consider this one we can take on as a team and with lots of love from our amazing support system! 

How will your routine change in NC?
It will be 100% different!! I'm not quite sure what it will look like yet since it's hardly been a week but we hope to find our stride real soon y'all! I can tell you I will be spending most of my time running around Society Social NC!