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❤️ New Year, New Home

This Christmas Santa brought us a new home🎄 Almost one year to the day after we left our beloved NYC, we'll finally get the keys to our house!A few hours before we left the city, I remember walking quietly along 5th Avenue, reminiscing on all that New York gave us and desperately wanting to stay. In tears we watched its twinkly lights fade into the distance. This year I've learned you can love two places at once. I've learned that emotions do not cancel each other out, each one can be just as important and heartfelt as the other. You can be a little heartbroken but also still grateful and filled with hope for the future!
This will be our first house ever! We've lived in apartments since college and feel so grateful that we'll have a home base where we can raise our darling (and mischievous ;) daughter! We're moving in with a few mismatched pieces but most importantly beds and a few places to sit! We'll start the decorating process in January 2020! Over the past 8.5 years growing and learning from Society Social, I finally feel like we have our style nailed down. I'm excited but also nervous to see it all come together! Thank you for not only following along with us over the years but for also sharing love and support with us! We can't wait to welcome you Home!