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Lilly Pulitzer x Society Social BTS!

With the biggest opportunities always come the biggest challenges. Do you see all those Lilly Pulitzer x Society Social bar carts all ready and lined up for their last leg to Lilly stores? This pic was snapped at the Society Social NC factory and I can't even tell you what it took for the above picture to happen-- and on time, too!There were a few delays and direction changes that gave us literally ZERO room for error. Had there been bad weather or a hold up at any point in this process, we would've missed the event date (a hard deadline) by days. The rendered sketch below is one of many and was the final approved for production.
From design to sourcing to prototyping, to full-scale manufacturing to international shipping to inspections to domestic shipping to stores nationwide, to marketing and beyond, I'm so proud of and thankful for the entire team here in NC and in Asia for stepping up to the plate. Every last bar cart was carefully inspected at multiple levels before leaving us and despite the pressure, we had a lot of fun! Alan Dale came down from NYC to pitch in......Momma Te who had bronchitis was still all hands on deck. I literally couldn't get her to go home. I feel such a deep responsibility for the family factories. We certainly weren't isolated from the housing marketing crash and the manufacturing shift, and honestly I think the best thing for me was to see how happy and excited everyone was to have more work than normal! We are so grateful to the Lilly Team in so many ways!This coming week we'll be busy pre-marketing the "Lunch at Lilly" event which happens on 3.18. I must say the LP team has been amazing to work with-- fun, passionate, professional, creative and marketing geniuses! I can speak for all of us at SS when I say it has been an honor to be a part of this!If you can make it, I would love to see you at the Lilly Pulitzer Madison Avenue store in NYC. I promise I will be dressed like a functioning human being and I will be so ready to raise a glass! :)