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Holiday Spotlight Series No. 6 🎄 A Classic Christmas With Jacqueline Clair!

Meet Jackie of York Avenue Blog!

York Avenue is an interior design, photography, and lifestyle blog by Jackie Clair. Based on the Upper East Side of Manhattan (and for much of the life of this blog, from a tiny studio apartment!), York Avenue began as Jackie’s love letter to the simple things in life – from sharing her adventures in decorating a small Manhattan home, to discovering everything New York City has to offer. Through her photography of beautiful neighborhoods, parks, and must-trys for her blog, Jackie also developed a passion for creating stunning visual imagery, and works part time as a freelance photographer in New York in addition to her full-time job. Scroll below to see Jackie's classic Christmas style! It's not surprise she chose the always chic Les Touches fabric for her Stevie Swivel

 Jackie's Holiday Decorating Tip:

I live in a small New York City apartment where space is at a premium so I like to decorate with items that don't need to take up precious storage space throughout the year! I'm a big fan of decorating with natural elements such as greenery or holly branches in vases, an evergreen garland draped over a bookcase or dresser, and even a simmering pot of mulling spices on the stove which can add a festive scent to your space! 

Jackie's 3 Favorite Designers:
Ashley Whittaker, Amy Berry & Mark Sikes
Cheers, Jackie! We're so glad you chose us!