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Roxy's Tips for Decorating With Preserved Boxwood

I love nothing more than a real Christmas tree but I know I'm not alone when it comes to the wasteful feeling of throwing it to the curb after the holidays. I like to balance my love of real Christmas trees with my love of preserved boxwood wreaths-- not to be confused with faux boxwood! If taken care of properly they can last 2 to 5 years, a fact I can confirm-- I'm on year 3 of my own collection without doing the proper monthly misting to maintain their life and color.

Not only are preserved 
boxwood wreaths my personal pick because of their longevity, they make for great decor year round so your pennies are going further than just the holidays. They're also versatile when it comes to placement. 
Hang on a mirror...
On a front door for a festive entryway moment...
On your windows...

And even on your bar cart!
Do keep in mind preserved boxwood wreaths should be kept indoors and misted once a month to maximize shelf life. 
I've always purchased my preserved boxwood wreaths from the flower district in NYC, if you're local to the city be sure to swing by. It's especially magical during the holidays! Not a local? One of my favorite flower district vendors is now online! Shop some of my preserved boxwood picks below!

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