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Celebrating the Joy of Gathering

This holiday season, we’re looking forward to the simple things... The joy of the doorbell ringing as guests arrive for a jubilant dinner party, the sound of clinking glasses after a long awaited toast, riotous conversations around the table, and cozy nights curled up on the sofa. We’re prioritizing the space to find the beauty and joy in the little moments that truly make a house a home filled with warm memories.

 We are so excited to share a gorgeous amount of furniture and decor that we’ve designed, made, and curated! 

Living through and running a 1). brick & mortar, 2). e-commerce, and 3). manufacturing business during a pandemic has been a true test of character, strength, stamina, and will.

To those of you who have granted us grace during unexpected shortages, historical supply chain disruptions, and global port congestion, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. We want you to be assured, that as a team, we are working tirelessly to find solutions to the challenges that threaten our ability to service you to our standards. 

I read this quote the other day about being true to your JOY despite the circumstances. It was such a timely quote to stumble upon as we near the launch our Fall 2021 Collection - A celebration of finding joy - the joy of gathering again and making a home.
- Roxy