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Meet the Artists of Society Social Charlotte


Dallas, TX based artist, Jessica Donosky has quickly become a customer favorite.  Having previously been a math teacher, it is no surprise that Jessica’s attention to detail is evident in every piece.  We are so in love with her beautiful ceramic handmade flower pieces as they easily add dimension to a space as well as a punch of color. Mirroring that of nature, each flower is unique and bisque fired in a kiln before applied to the colorful canvas. We had the pleasure of working closely with Jessica as we selected a color palette that would compliment our pastel store.
Having been a long-time partner of Society Social, we are so happy to be able to continue showcasing Paige Gemmel’s whimsical work in our flagship store. Paige's chinoiserie inspired paintings featuring vibrant colors and eclectic adornments were a huge success during our online Artist Spotlight a few years back and we have no doubt they will continue to draw a crowd in our Charlotte space. They certainly brighten our walls! If you're a fan of the animal kingdom or traditional with a twist you'll be sure to love Paige's work!
Currently on display at Society Social Charlotte we have two pieces by team-favorite, Katherine Freeman Hocke.  Although she claims to be a lover of neutral colors, we are enamored with the two large scale very colorful pieces we were able to get our hands on.  Drawn to mixed media, you can see the result of many layers creating depth and detail to her abstract pieces. Side-by-side in our space, one cool colors, one warm, they perfectly compliment each other! 
With an avid fan-base and large designer following, our team was thrilled when Nashville-based Kayce Hughes agreed to be a part of our flagship store in Charlotte. Having been creating colorful things since a child, Kayce has continued to create playful yet sophisticated work that ranges from small paper pieces to large scale canvas creations.  Our flagship currently carries an assortment, from small scale to large wall installations--perfect for any size space!
When perusing Atlanta Market in July, our team was ecstatic to stumble up on Liz Lane’s work.  Immediately falling in love with one of her large-scale paintings, we knew we had to scoop it up for our flagship store.  Currently on display when you walk in the door, we love how Liz has created an abstract piece with a color palette that speaks directly to our brand.  Liz claims that her work typically reflects organized chaos- mirroring her life in Birmingham, Alabama as a business woman, mother, and artist. Here at Society Social, we totally get it! 
Having been a long-time girl crush of team Society Social, we couldn’t be more thrilled to offer Windy O’Connor’s work in our flagship.  As a person, she stands for all things positive, uplifting, and encouraging. In her work, she brings color, joy, and empowerment. All characteristics we also want to embody as a company and brand.  Lucky enough to snag one of Windy’s signature “Chicas,” we are so happy to be able to offer her work in our space and live with it daily! 
Residing in Beaufort, SC, it is no surprise that Kit Porter’s work is heavily influenced by her surrounding environment.  Having followed Kit for years and originally being attracted to the calming yet colorful nature of her work, we were thrilled to be able to learn more about her process and painting technique referred to as “diminution.”  Deeply influenced by her lifelong interest in found objects, the Kit successfully creates paintings that mirror the process of erosion; offering the viewer remnants to gather and contemplate.