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A Sweet Surprise & Photos from Filming Round 2!

San and I filmed the first part of our makeover project in November and this past weekend we filmed round 2! If you need a refresher our clients, Kelly and Josh, asked us to assist with the reno of their new/old home! Our mission was to tackle an odd layout in the living room which was preventing them from coming up with a design and furniture plan. Among other light updates, we proposed custom built-ins to create symmetry and give the room a focal point. This is Van! Meet him below!

Honestly, we were a little nervous. Mainly because part of the design plan included covering up a window (I mean, I would never do that!) and also we were working with a wood worker that we had never worked with before. Van got to work after just one quick meeting, armed with nothing but a rudimentary (at best) sketch and a few inspiration pics I pulled from around the web. 

Thankfully, Van is undoubtedly talented, incredibly skilled, funny (he cut up the whole time!), passionate, kind, and humble. Guess what? His wife, Sheila, is equally so and we call ourselves a thousand times lucky that we got to work with them on this. Below is a detail of the mantle built in one large piece. (!!) Van cuts his own knives for molding and trim work so this is super de-duper custom. You won't find this at Lowes y'all! Can you believe he did this out of plain old wood? 

One of my favorite parts of the day, because there were plenty, is when Sheila surprised us with this bible verse she had written on the back of the built-ins. She was nervous to tell us because she wasn't sure of our beliefs, but no worries there, and it was so touching I teared up. Out of love, they've decided to write their favorite bible verses on the back of their work that they clearly also put so much love into. I like to think it's a way to bring blessings and well wishes to a home no matter what your beliefs. She said that maybe one day this home will get passed down and someone will find this and smile! Waterworks!!! 

So this is what the fireplace wall looked like before the demo. Remember. It's Kelly's grandmother's home built in the 50s, the home her mother grew up in, and now the home she'll raise her family in with her husband! psst, that oddly placed window to the right totally needed to be covered up, right?! 
This is what it looked like after the demo, some paint, and work to the windows during which I almost slit my wrist. Box cutters should move away from the body-- just in case there is any confusion about that on your end. We kept the original window casings from the 50s because we love when things are included in a home that have a history that tell a meaningful story!
Van built this from scratch all off-site (!!) purely based on our silly sketch, pinterest pics, and measurements. Think about uneven floors, warped walls, and the precision it takes for a perfect, custom fit. We weren't the only ones nervous!! San and Van below!
Here is the homeowner, Josh basically a pressure, inspecting the work! None of us can take credit for any of the work throughout the rest house. We were called in on a room with a weird layout due to an off-centered fireplace and a pesky window. (Maybe this will be our specific calling? Layout problem solvers?!) Josh and his wife, Kelly, have been doing the reno themselves since February, after work and on the weekends. 10 months and with a new baby! When I say a lot of love is going into this home, it is no.joke. Look at Josh's work clothes. The hard work is REAL.Kelly is a fan of Fixer Upper so of course we had to explore ship lap or simply tongue in groove siding.
**Society Social may be known for preppy and colorful but when a client requests "Modern Farmhouse" a client gets what a client wants and I'm so thankful they trusted us!** Van discovered this custom stain below, that you see on the shiplap, on a previous job with our trusted Randy (more on him below) and we all fell in love with it. We wanted it to be different than what people normally think of when it comes to shiplap so we went for it! It's this gorgeous greyish brown which complements our Agreeable grey walls perfectly. Here is the install in progress. Molding and shelves still have to go up, and obviously, stonework around the fireplace. For ensured functional storage in the cabinets below, Van built them out 20"  and instead of our previous discussion he also built the shelves out a bit wider for a TV upgrade...just in case Josh wants larger than his 40" something TV. I think Josh loved that and I love that the boys are looking out for each other! 
Josh was sanding down the dry wall while we worked on the install so this is why he looks like he rolled around in flour. Kelly wasn't at the house, she is an amazing, unstoppable large animal vet and a uterus came out of a cow (insert crying emojis) she is a boss, so we decided to send her progress pics since she was missing out on the fun. I told Josh to look over his shoulder and smile. He takes direction well :)
While the boys finished up the install, Kelly and I tried not to make a mess, er primed the walls. I can't tell you how much I love working so closely with these homeowners in finishing their FOREVER HOME!! Even if it's hotter than Hades or so cold my toes feel like frostbite is comin on, it's always so fulfilling when the clients are excited and happy!Tomorrow we work with another amazing and skilled man, Randy, who we're teaming up with to do the stonework on the fireplace. On Wednesday, we'll personally shoot the custom (Society Social!) furniture install and then the team will send it off to the big guys to see if they like us. omg, a long shot y'all. Send all the Romans! No matter what happens, and to be frank 4th quarter biz has been tough, it's projects and sweet clients like these that keep us going! I'm so excited to show y'all the Before and Afters! Meanwhile, MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Wishing you all the blessings and so much merry!