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A Few Behind the Scenes Pics from Filming Week!

San San and I had quite the adventure filming the last few days. Here are a few behind the scenes pics. We're so grateful for this opportunity, the memories, and the genuinely wonderful people we got to work with! San San in over his head on this one! Same case for me here, too! Demo Day was a blast and nobody got hurt :)Here's a mini Before and After!Updates: Paint, crown molding, window updates (we kept the original casings from the 50s!), and furniture install!

What we're still waiting on: the rug, custom built-ins, art, mirrors, lamps, and decor accessories! These 7 foot fancy fiddles are my fave. I always try to bring the outdoors in when decorating and their scale is perfect for the room. They're quite dramatic especially in these gorgeous washed out wood boxes with a brass accent around the top. They're actually storage bins but I thought they would make perfect planters! Fiddles are fickle and hard to keep alive so I don't mind going fake on these. Only really good ones, of course! We sell these through Society Social if you're interested! Britt was the most sweet and supportive! She's visiting from Canada and spent her vaca days helping us trim, paint, move, and all of the above. We couldn't have done it without her and miss her already!! These are our clients! Sweet little Noah showed off his new (one week new!) walking skills for the camera. Kelly approved of the updates we've made so far and it made us over the moon happy. She especially loved the paint color and Josh came later and gave us 2 thumbs up on the custom buffalo check swivel chairs. It's always a super pat on the back when the husband gets excited about something! San and I had fun with the wardrobe changes! I didn't have time to shop for the shoot so I literally went the day the crew arrived to the local Old Navy (I haven't shopped at Old Navy since high school!) and bought up $15 shirts and vests I knew I could get paint on. Not my most stylish moments but if they like us, they like us and if they don't, they don't!  We truly had so much fun! It came out one of San's goals in life is to become a shampoo commercial model. Naturally we made him do a few hair flips.  pssst, these are the custom chairs we made for the project! We can't say enough about the team that came down to shoot. It was clear they are amazing at what they do and they were also just really good people. We are probably a small project for them, but their energy, encouragement, and enthusiasm never wavered. This is Dan. I turned 33 this day and grew a whole 2 feet taller than him. He took this shirt off his back because San's wasn't working. He is a professional salsa dancer :), played college soccer, and likes to make things a playful competition.This is Pat. He loves sweet tea with fresh mint, well-fitted clothing, and bbq. He does not love to high five. He does have a really good secret recipe for bolognese. Mine and Alan Dale's fave!We had them over for a home cooked meal! On Friday, my sweet sister-in-law made Korean BBQ, sweet Momma made Filipino BBQ, and sweet husband Alan Dale flew in from NYC and stopped in Lexington, NC to pick up southern BBQ! I feel so lucky to have had this time with Alan Dale, Britt, my family and them- telling stories and learning about each other! San even made a bonfire for us to gather around! On wrap day which also happened to be my birthday (!), we finished up with an interview session at the factory. Turns out, it's really hard to talk to a camera for 4 hours straight. but Pat and Dan kept the energy up and were pros at the the interview. San and I even sang "Wagon Wheel" at the end. I hope they edit out my audio. I'm totally tone def. Look at that stance, Dan!! Champion!! We had a lovely farewell lunch and hit a few balls on the range before they headed out since we found out Pat loves to pay golf! We worked most of that day and were 100% whooped. But that night we rallied and celebrated sweet Noah's first birthday and my 33rd with long time friends and family. Dad even flew in from SS Asia and just a few hours off the plane and 24 hours in transit was the life of the party! It was a perfect past few days and no matter what happens from here it's an experience we will never forget! Thank you for being so supportive and excited with us :) We hope to have good news for you in the next few weeks!