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#GramercyCourt Apartment: Before Pics!

Let me preface with the facts.
No, I do not have a key to the park. (see above) We are a block past Gramercy Park, the last private park in all of Manhattan, and only those whose apartments face this totally exclusive park shall be granted said golden key.
Yes, my excitement which you may have witnessed across every last one of my social media platforms may lead you to believe that the former is false and that we have moved into a penthouse apartment of palatial proportions facing said park. I'M SO HAPPPY!!
The truth: When you’ve lived in less than 400 square feet for four years of your life because you’ve been saving all your pennies for SS’ home, (I used to wash my face and brush my teeth in the kitchen sink because the bathroom sink area was too small), such mundane things as running a dishwasher, a microwave, a hallway, closets (see below: Inslee came over on moving day with flowers and we laughed and cried and our puppies made out aka 7 minutes in heaven)... 
...and laundry in building, will make you feel like a new woman, maybe even like Ivanka Trump on the cover of the current issue of Town & Country Magazine. #queen #madeit Here’s a few SnapChats: societysocial from move in day! And the before (I decorate the hell out of it) pics below.
Welcome Home!!
Our building, delightfully named Gramercy Court, was built in the 1930s and has the loveliest, homiest pre-war details. Pre-war just means anything built before the Second World War! We have high vaulted ceilings, crown molding, beautiful hardwood floors, solid core doors, and the thickest walls!
Most new construction buildings, especially in New York, will feature cookie cutter layouts sans extra flourishes like a hallway or foyer, which OMG we have! I see wallpaper in our future.
Pre-war buildings are 1) shorter than new construction structures and 2) often not updated. We feel so lucky that we have all of the beautiful pre-war details but also benefit from all the updates along with a gorgeous view of the city, namely the Freedom Tower that sparkles in the night and makes me infinitely grateful for so many things.
I know I’ve said it before, but I can’t tell you how much this finally feels like a real home. Thank you so much for letting me share our excitement and happiness with y’all!
p.s. I guess the next thing to do is to somehow decorate! I laid out just about 50 fabrics on the floor over the weekend. Because all votes in our decorating endeavours are totes equal :) , Alan Dale got to choose a favorite. I got to choose a favorite. Unsolicited, Oscar Owens chose a favorite. Big surprise, I chose a colorful floral print, Mary McDonald for Schumacher “Bermuda Blossoms.” Alan and Oscar chose a fabric named “Bora Bora” also by Schumacher. We still have a lot more memos coming in from Quadrille, Sister Parish, and more so we’ll see where this goes!! xoxo! Roxy