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NYC I ❤️You: Our 5 Favorite Pizza Spots

We may love "New York style" pizza as much as we love New York! A thin, crispy crust topped with just the right amount of tomato sauce and melted, gooey cheese served in slices as large as your head-- I'll take two!To rightfully explain how much we love pizza, Alan's groom's cake was made to look like his favorite cheesy pie. From quick pizza by the slice to sit down pies, we've been all over this little island chasing the perfect slice.Without further adieu, here are our 5 favorite pizza spots.
We've frequented them many more times than we would like to admit :) 
Joe's Pizza - West Village Or Union Square
Okay, so it's admittedly a little touristy here, but also it's been around since 1975 so I like to think for good reason! Even the most discerning New Yorkers will tell you a slice of Joe's is hard to beat. Mostly standing room only so come for a quick slice or grab one for on the go-- fold in half to eat of course ;) We're closer to the 14th street post but there is also a Joe's in the West Village. Late nighters and bar go-ers, take note, Joe's is open til 4am. Weeeeee!
Posto - Gramercy Park
Our neighborhood sit down spot serving up the most delicious thin crust pies with all the toppings! We've spent many a breezy al fresco evening here situated at one of their tiny outdoor tables, glass of wine in one hand, pizza pie in the other. Our faves: the arugula and bocconcini salad to start and for the pies, in no particular order 1) El Greco 2) Shroomtown 3) the Parma. 
Nicoletta - East Village
Under the same group responsible for Michelin Star-rated, Marea, and one of my favorite Italian restaurants in Soho, Osteria Morini, not to mention it's a short walk from our apartment, Nicoletta's was a must try for us. It's casual, easy, kid-friendly, and has a large tv if watching the big game is a must for you. Nicoletta's serves up pizza not quite as thin crusted as all the others on our list. Our order: Calabrese Pizza topped with fennel sausage, thick cut pepperoni, red onions, and pomodoro and mozzarella cheese. I like to pair it with the Lambrusco! 
Grimaldi's - Chelsea or Dumbo
Alan's favorite! Whole pies only (no slices here!) of delicious coal fired brick oven pizza. Grimaldi's is one of the oldest New York pizzerias and its pizza and history attracts droves of tourists and locals alike. Alan and I once took down a whole pie just us. OOPS!   
Motorino - East Village
Crust that is puffy and perfectly charred paired with simple high quality gourmet toppings in the tiniest, cozy if you will, East Village spot. My faves: the Soppressata Piccante and the Brussels Sprout! Note: Alan prefers more New York style pizza and less toppings so this isn't his fave. 
Bon Appetit!