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3 Recipes I'm Making for Thanksgiving & Why

This year we are staying in the city for Thanksgiving. I've been traveling so much for work that it was the only thing that seemed manageable for us. We are heading to a dear friend's home; Michael and Tamra hosted us last year and they always make you feel like the guest of honor! When deciding what to bring I thought of my favorite recipes, recipes that mean something to me, and then of course something a little bit fancy. It's the holidays, after all! If you're having trouble deciding what to add to your menu this 3 tiered strategy always does the trick for me!
1. Deviled Eggs - Something Classic!
Growing up in the South, this is a dish that means get togethers and holidays! You can fancy it up, but my favorite is the traditional. It's simple yet delicious and there is seldom a left over deviled egg at my house!
2. Corny Cornbread - Something that tells a story!
If you're celebrating far from home or simply pulling from family archives, a dish that tells a story or reminds you of a wonderful memory is perfect for this day of Thanks! I'm grateful for my Beaufort family from where this recipe hails. I had gone home with my college roommate, Amber Dawn, for the first time to her home town of beautiful Beaufort, North Carolina. That weekend we boated, we swam, we saw the wild horses on the banks of Shackleford, and then we had a proper clam bake with all the fixings including this one! It's a weekend that was repeated throughout our college careers and wonderful times I will always treasure with a sweet friend and family who treats me like their own. Picture courtesy of Miss Edith herself (Amber's momma!) who snapped this right from her kitchen then sent it to me here in NYC. It's a favorite if you can't tell! The time Amber and I tried to make it, it turned out like soup! We laughed until our stomachs hurt and then ate it anyways. I hope I'll have better luck tomorrow! 
3. Fingerling Potatoes with Wild Salmon Roe - Something fancy! In just 3 ingredients! Entertaining doesn't have to be fancy but it can be fun to up the ante and serve dishes you don't normally serve on a daily basis. The holidays are all about making special memories with the ones you love most and how you make it special is all up to you!Be safe if you're traveling today and happy happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!