Social Guide to NYC: Taverna Kyclades

I first visited this amazing Greek restaurant in Astoria a neighborhood known for being a home away from home for Greeks. If that doesn't say anything, the restaurant's move and expansion (I can only guess from booming business because yes it is that good) into Manhattan should convince you it's worth a try. Taverna Kyclades East Village, or Astoria if you so prefer, is a favorite for casual family style meals, drawn out from the first course to the very last free, yes free, traditional Greek style dessert. Gather your friends and family, order a few bottles of wine, and sit, dine, and stay awhile!

I recommend to start with the grilled octopus and the mussels steamed with feta and tomatoes, the horiatiki salad (one for a table of 4), the broccoli rabe and lemon roasted potatoes as sides, and for the main any of the fresh fish or the Kyclades special (I always share this one!). 

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YES! I used to live not too far from here and this restaurant is truly amazing! Definitely time for a return visit soon… All of the appetizer dips (hummus, babaganoush, etc) were indescribably delicious, and the fish is awesome…okay, you get it :)

Marisa June 21, 2014

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