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April Fools! {Celebrate like it's Summer!}

Spring is here and while I adore the blooming cherry blossoms on every street, I am in desperate need of sunshine. I also have a craving for Mai Tais and Pina Coladas. That’s when I had the crazy idea to throw an April Fool’s Day party, a summer cocktail party. Have your friends don summer frocks and invite them over for cocktails after work. Surprise them with breezy music like Bebel Gilberto’s Tanto Tempo album, fill the house with palms in planters and pull out the floor pillows and coconut flavored rum. Think bright, bold and fun, and maybe even turn that thermostat up a notch. It’s not really your typical prank, but it is completely inappropriate for spring, at least in Seattle, and that’s what makes it so fun.
Make a bold statement with a small seagrass rug on the wall. The wall above your bar cart is the quickest way to change up your style. Switch out your gallery art or add something big and bold. If you are more reserved in the rest of your house, the area above the cart is the easiest way to make a statement with your guests without going overboard.
Break out all of your colorful bar ware or add a new decanter to your collection. I am obsessed with this Gem Decanter from Crate and Barrel that I filled with vodka. Keep fresh tropical and summery fruit on hand for any island concoction you can think of. Pineapple, banana, lemon, and mandarin oranges all have a bright palette that evokes warmer weather. 
Add summer liquor to the mix looking for bright colorful bottles. Jazz up your standby mixers like crème de coconut and pineapple juice by decanting into a different bottle or swapping out the labels like in our DIY pineapple juice wrapper printables.
Don’t forget to add fun napkins with lots of color and flamingo stir sticks. No one can resist smiling when handed a drink with a flamingo in it. Trust me.
Who said you can’t make mixers prettier? Let’s face it, sometimes our favorite mixers aren’t party ready. Print out this template for pineapple juice and make the summer cocktail standby a little more chic with this tongue in cheek pineapple wrapper.