The Real Society Socials No. 3 {Southern Hospitality with Katherine and Chris Rogers}

Photography by Lawrence Te

It was a sunny Friday morning, an hour or two before noon, but that didn't stop Katherine and Chris Rogers from welcoming us with warm smiles and cold cocktails in hand-- a prosecco cocktail topped with St.Germain and raspberries for her and a classic old fashioned for him. Their charming 1940s home is bursting with character from rich, history-filled hardwood floors and lustrous crystal chandeliers to dignified molding and entertainers' touches that reflect this sweet and fun-loving couple. The two have truly designed a home that is the definition of southern hospitality: rocking chairs and a front porch swing make for an instantly inviting facade, the expansive back deck that Chris has painstakingly built himself over the past couple of months includes an outdoor fireplace conducive to gathering 'round, and to our delight a dining room that boasts a proper bar cart that so happens to be our Sedgewick!

Meet Katherine... (and take notes from this stylish hostess!)

Thank you so much Katherine and Chris for giving us such a warm and merry welcome. It's an honor to be a small part of your gorgeous home. We'll be inviting ourselves back over soon!

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Any idea where those gorgeous curtains and rod are from?

Cassie Adams February 28, 2014

What is the wall color? It’s very elegant.

Paige February 24, 2014

Love it! The blue and white wall-mounted plates look great with your gold bar. XO

Jessie | The Design Daredevil February 24, 2014

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