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Behind the Scenes of a Society Social Photoshoot

Rare Module - Society Social Photo Shoot from Rare Module on Vimeo.

We hope you enjoyed meeting our 2nd "real Society Social!" The photo shoot at Liz's came together like a dream and to capture it all our talented friend Amen "Suyison" Obasuyi produced this fantastic video. Go behind the scenes with Lawrence, Liz, and I and see how we somehow make all these photoshoots happen (style, shoot, re-style, shoot again, drink the props) while having a little, err a lot, of fun too!

Also, do visit Amen's official site "Rare Module!" He interviews fellow creatives to learn more about their inspiration and design processes then produces videos to share more about the interesting people he meets along the way. Thank you Amen for sharing your talent with us!