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Happy Friendsgiving!

Have you held a Friendsgiving yet? If you have been hearing it around, but aren’t quite sure what it is, let me tell you. Friendsgiving is a celebration held with friends sometime between November and December with less rules and more fun than traditional holidays. A time to rejoice in friendship without the heaviness that is sometimes associated with Thanksgiving at your parents’ house. There can be turkey involved or just some great cheeses and a well stocked bar cart. Speaking of bar cart, let’s swap out that fab everyday look for something a bit more festive. For Friendsgiving, I wanted to steer clear of traditional and add fresh lavender and navy blue hues. These shades look fabulous with my trusty bar cart, the Sedgewick, in all her gilded glory. Styling a bar cart this lovely is easy.

The first thing I do when styling a cart for a dinner party is just to choose my hues. This time I picked my hues from a signature cocktail, Chi & Chambord which is a lovely shade of lavender. Swapping out the autumnal hues for lavenders and purples adds a fresh vibe. As a complement, I added navy, which is traditionally used with fall’s autumnal hues.

The key to styling a bar cart is to choose brands of liquor that are bottled well and match or complement the décor. Here I used black and white bottles, like Rain Vodka and Hendrick’s Gin and purple hued bottles like the Altar Chi Herbal Cocktail, Cox & Row Vodka and Chambord Flavored Vodka.

To keep smidge seasonal I added in a matte copper shaker. I added a few accessories that also mimic fall, like this gold leaf bowl for nuts and a large wood slice instead of a tray. I painted a simple urn I had laying around from an old dinner party and painted it navy. I planted a maidenhair fern to softly fill the space and provide your eye a place to rest. Greenery works well for this. Since I had the small fern, I didn’t have to go all out with flowers, a small grouping of lavender spray roses in a modern vase keeps the styling from feeling too rustic.

Always put something down below on your bar cart, and here I couldn’t forget the fellas. I know my husband won’t touch anything remotely fruity so I added some good scotch and pretty golden glasses. I also stocked up on mineral water and set out the plates for dessert so we are ready after dinner.

Make a Chi & Chambord Cocktail. A little bit vintage a little bit fresh. Have you heard of herbal cocktails? Made with or without liquor, these are a wonderful blend of herbs and elixirs to tempt the palette. Here I mixed one with Chambord Flavored Vodka. To make one is easy, pour 2 oz. of Chambord Flavored Vodka into a coupe glass. Then use a teaspoon full of Altar Chi Herbal Cocktail to slowly pour into the bottom of the glass. The key to the beautiful ombre effect is not to stir. You just want the Chi to settle into the bottom of the glass. Friendsgiving is about starting new traditions with your friends, which are lthe family you get to choose. Have fun with it, change up your color palettes, and remember there are no rules, it’s just about celebrating each other and making new memories.