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Oh Darling, just DIY!

Let's be honest, some of us are a little more prepared for impromptu dinner guests than others. I, Ashley, just so happen to fall into the not-always-so-prepared category, but what I lack in preparedness, I make up for in craft and you can too! If you happen to be the Mrs. Lilien of the group though, this little DIY trick for tinted bar salts & sugars is still for you if your soiree needs a custom touch. Here's how: You'll need: Ziploc bag Uncolored salt or sugar Gel food coloring (from some grocery stores or any craft store)

Put your salt or sugar into a ziploc bag, and dab a bit of the gel coloring on the lining of the bag. It's important not to dab it directly onto the salt/sugar because it will leave certain grains much darker than the rest. Also, it doesn't take much gel to color the entire bag, but you do want the color to be considerably deeper than the desired outcome, because it will be lighter once you rim your glasses.

Now, give the bag a little massage to blend the color evenly.

You can use any color you'd like, and if it isn't dark enough, just add a dab more.

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