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A Little Story Behind Our Fox & Friends Segment

Rewind to 2011. Charlotte, North Carolina. The victory of quitting my corporate job had faded. I was unemployed and flailing to say the least. I would spend my days, mostly in pj's or workout gear, sending out resumes that all led to nothing. As far as my morning routine, I loved every last MORNING SHOW from local to national. And by love, I mean I used to call myself Roxy Ripa. There are home videos to prove it. I would watch the hardworking anchors and famous featured guests and more often that not, wonder how they ended up there and how I ended up sitting on my living room floor...directionless, jobless, and depressed. 

On Wednesdays, after a variety of my favorite morning shows and self doubt mixed with worthlessness, I would head to a 12:15pm TurboKick class at the Dowd YMCA. Working out always made me feel better about the fact that my life was going absolutely nowhere. The depth of my depression could be measured by the number of abs I had. The class instructor, Anna, was also a host on the local morning show, Fox News Rising, and I was in constant awe of how she most likely had to get up way before dawn, prep for and then host 4 hours of news, and then manage to have enough energy to lead my most favorite workout class, ever. #goals.

Fast forward to April 2016. New York, New York. This is where I lose all ability to articulate how grateful I am to have had the opportunity to share what I do (yes, I found something to do!) on a beloved morning show, with Anna no less, (yes, from above!) who not surprisingly worked her way up to NYC national Fox News! I have always said it was those morning shows that helped get me through a confusing time in my life and had you told the jobless, sad twenty-something sitting on the floor crying over her Morning Star spicy sausage links that somehow life would work out one way or another I never would have believed you. Keep fighting the fight, friends!

You can watch our "Spring Spruce Up" segment with Fox & Friends here and there are a few behind the scenes pics below!
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Thank you guys for all the encouragement & support. It sounds silly but your words genuinely touch our hearts and they mean so much :) Also, a huge HUGE thank you to the Fox & Friends team and to Anna, you are a great inspiration dating back to the CLT days! Y'all gave us the warmest welcome (lookin' at you, Rick!) and checked off a bucket lister for sure. We hope your viewers loved it! 


This is the A-team right here, killing it at the 5AM hour! My always supportive brother, San San, and my incredible assistant, Melissa, are the best sports and even at daybreak on a Sunday were all in! I didn't sleep one wink the night before because I was so excited. Also, because I could see it from our bedroom window, I checked on our truck full o'Society Social furniture like a maniac. Could you imagine if it had gotten towed?! Or a boot?! I finally gave up on sleep and got up at 3AM, we were out the door by 5AM, and by 5:45 we were setting up a living room and poppin' One Hope Wine bottles on the plaza. 

By 6:30AM we were in hair and make-up. My brother, San San, not only builds and renovates homes but he also oversees product development at one of our furniture factories! He came all the way from the Philippines to do this with me and it has been so wonderful working with him the past few years!By 7:30AM we were rolling. Nobody really told us when the cameras started. Could you tell? pssst, Alan Dale and Melissa are behind the 2 grey sofa panels! Gah, I love them.The plan, which was was for San and I to speak to Decorating Tips that led into Entertaining DIY's, didn't quite go. We got to our DIY Washi Tape flower vases below, the end of it and even with San San stepping up to steer us to the next, we maybe got to 3 out of our 7 Spring Spruce Up Tips. :( The One Hope Wine team (hey Jackie and Shanna!) uniformly acted as angels and overnighted a case of their gorgeous glitter bottles for our chalkboard paint DIY...that we didn't get to. I felt terrible!! :( You should know that each case of sparkly connects 25 meals to a hungry child in the US. Isn't that incredible? You can drink up, do good, and then re-purpose your One Hope glitter bottles with a little bit of chalkboard paint like we did below with our DIY Mimosa bar!It's safe to say that we definitely hit a few unexpected bumps that ended with Anna pouring our featured DIY down the front of her dress. Can you say Live TV?! Sorry, Anna! You were such a pro about it! :)

We were done by 7:34AM but the executive producer loved our living room so much he asked us to stay so they could host a few more segments in it! When the show was finally over we changed back into our work clothes, because the team you see above IS the team, and loaded up our little living room into our little Uhaul. Of course I drank all of the bubbly first......then kissed my husband. From renting the truck, to driving the truck, to packing the truck, to building the props, to having his home taken over with boxes and furniture, to ordering takeout, to the moving "Before" sofa y'all saw on TV, to just being 150% supportive in every fathomable way...just really couldn't do it without you, Alan Dale!! I love you so much!